Infraworx Cloud Solutions

Infraworx offers Cloud Computing solutions that solve some of the most common issues with running your own I.T infrastructure. All our solutions have high levels of security. Contact us to find out more or visit our products page for some of the products we offer.


1) Let us look after the local and remote backing up of all your crucial data. With our highly secure and flexible Infraworx Cloud Backup solution, you will never need to worry about managing offsite copies of youe data to avoid loss during disasters. It is all automated and simple to use.


2) Replace your local file-server with a cloud based solution. Increase your organisation's efficiency by enabling access of data securely from anywhere on various devices, and keeping it all synchronised automatically. Reduce costs on running I.T infrastructure, and reduce I.T maintenance worries.


3) Eliminate the need for an on-premise email server and replace it with a proven enterprise solution run in the cloud - all at a lower running cost. Eliminate the headache of managing your own email server.


We also provide cloud computing services which can be combined into packages in almost any combination to fulfil your requirements. These services are:

  • SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: We are a reseller of various cloud applications which we consider as best of breed. Talk to us to find out more.
  • DESIGN SERVICES: Infraworx can help your organisation understand how it can benefit from cloud computing. We can then assess your environment, understand your requirements/needs and then design a solution for you involving one or more cloud computing services to achieve your target/s.
  • IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES:We also provide implementation services to actually perform the work in order to get your application/s across to the cloud. Infraworx has many years' experience with migrations of data for large businesses and enterprises so you are in good hands if would rather specialists perform the work!
  • SUPPORT SERVICES: We provide product support for the cloud computing products we design/implement within your organisation.
    • The advantages of using us to support your cloud computing products are:
      • We would be able to diagnose and resolve your issues ourselves in the vast majority of cases. If vendor escalation is needed (which does not occur often), then we already have a good relationship with the vendor's and in many cases can have any issues dealt with with a higher level of efficiency.
      • We reduce the complexity to run your business as there will only be a single point of contact for you instead of multiple vendors to deal with.
      • Peace of mind that you have an additional layer of support if needed.


Infraworx can bundle these services together in any combination to best fit with your business. Contact us to find out more.