Infraworx Cloud Disaster Recovery (ICDR) dramatically improves an organisation's Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and reduces the cost to maintain a healthy and reliable disaster recovery solution.
Infraworx delivers a simple solution to assist organisatoins incorporate enterprise-class, 100% Australian based cloud storage as quickly, safely and easily as they do local storage.

ICDR may be utilised in many ways such as using it to create a second copy of backups to be sent offiste. This would eliminate the usage of tape for offsite backups as well as all the processes and couriers involved in ensuring a consistent copy of backups is always sent offsite.

  • iSCSI, CIFS or NFS interface to cloud storage.
  • Installation in minutes - set & forget.
  • Dramtacically improve Recovery Time Objective for backup/recovery systems.
  • At rest and in-flight encryption - only clients have access to the encryption keys.
  • Access offsite data quickly, for a fractoin of the normal cost.


The following diagram shows where ICDR sits in relation to RTO and costs involved for various disaster recovery solutions such as site-to-site replication and backup/recovery systems:

Infraworx Cloud Disaster Recovery


ICDR does not charge for any additional inbound/outbound network traffic and I/O requests. Clients are billed only for the amount of storage they utilise.

To find out more about ICDR and receive a technical solution brief, please contact us and we will respond to your request promptly.