Virtualisation is now a standard in I.T and has proven its worth many times over. The concept encompasses many technologies and we have them covered! These include


Operating System Virtualisation

Intel based virtualisation utilising VMware Enterprise products to consolidate and virtualise your environment. This covers any OS that can run on an Intel platform, such as Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS X, linux and OpenSolaris.

IBM's UNIX Platform (AIX) running on their POWER CPU's. We have in depth expertise designing and implementing POWER based systems that utilise the POWER VM suite of products including the Virtual I/O Server (VIO) to virtualise CPU and storage across many LPARs.


Storage based Virtualisation

We have in depth knowledge and experience implementing Storage Area Network's (SAN) using vendor's such as Brocade and CISCO.

For disk based storage, we are experts in IBM's SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and HDS's virtualisation platform.


Tape based Storage

Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL's) are becoming more widely spread and their use has some advantages over traditional tape libraries.