Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

This section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions. It will be updated very soon with downloadable PDF's containing step by step instructions for a few topics.




I need help with a product, how can you help? We have a few different avenues to offer you assistance. The simplest is by submitting a support ticket via your account (see below on how to log on). You can also send us a direct email to "". Or you can call us if you prefer on "1300 277 211" and press option 1 for support. Other contact numbers (direct dial) are available in our "Contact Us" section of this website.

We can offer assistance with technical issues related to a product. We also have the ability to remote into your computer while you watch what we do to resolve an issue, if we think the situation needs this type of resolution process.

Our support is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, Australian Eastern Standard time.

Tell me more about you remote connectivity option. If we think it is needed, we can remote into your computer to fix a problem you are having with one of our products. Your computer needs to be connected to the internet and you will need to run a very small file in order for us to be able to connect. This file will be available as a download in the "Infraworx Support" section of his website very soon. In the meantime, we can manually send you the file if needed.




What does the "account" give me? We use an excellent invoice system that enables our clients to have access to view all their invoices, paid and outstanding balances with a few click of the mouse. Every client who signs up to a product with us has an account created for them. The login is usually your email address that you signed up with. This area can be accessed by going to "". The accounts system also enables you to raise a support ticket, and view all your support tickets.

I do not know what my password is to login to my account - help. If you lost your password or did not have one automatically generated for you when you signed up, just go to "" and click on "Forgot your username or password?" and follow the instructions to set a new password. You will need access to your email to do this of course. Your username is most likely the email address you used to sign up with. If you are having difficulties, feel free to contact us.

I want to cancel my account - how do I do that? To do so, just send us an email to and we will get it done for you. If you have auto payments set up and do not wish to be billed again, just follow the instructions in the question below to immediately stop any possible upcoming credit card transactions.




Can I set up payments automatically instead of having to remember to pay every time? Yes, but only with credit cards payments. On your invoice, click on the big green "online payment" button, then choose to pay by credit card (not PayPal). Enter your credit card details in the resulting screen and at the bottom of the window, where it says "Future Payments", choose the SECOND option - to charge the full amount on a regular basis. Thats it, from then on it will be done and you will be sent notification whenever a payment is made.

Can I cancel the automatic payments I set up previously? Yes you can. There are two ways to do this. The first is to email us at and supply the account details and request the auto payment to be cancelled. We will get it done for you. However, if you are in a rush and must stop the payment straight away, then you can always login to your account at "" and click on "Profile". From there, at the bottom of the screen change the credit card details to a dummy value (like 1111 1111 1111 1111). This will stop any future payments of course. We will then see that you have done this and delete the auto payment setting from your account. Do not worry, we never see or have access to any of your credit card details.

Who sees my credit card details? We never see any of your credit card details, and like it that way. We use a third party, secure provider who specialises in this field. If you set up any credit card details, we only see the last couple of digits as per standard practice. And we never store any of the data on our servers.

What other payment methods are there? You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. For credit card, click the green "online payment" button on your invoice. For Paypal, click the same green button on the invoice, and choose "PayPal" instead of "Credit Card", and follow the prompts. For bank transfer, your invoice has the details of the bank account to transfer to.